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Cancer Human

Cancer Woman

Cancer woman can be described as shy, womanly and gentle. She is a loyal person who will be by your side forever. She is extremely sensitive who gets hurt easily. Money gives her security and she will always save money for rainy days irrespective of the income. Although she will never blame her partner for an inadequate income if she is sure that her man is trying hard for it.

She is a woman who constantly needs assurance from her partner, as she wonít be assured of herself even though she is extremely beautiful and intelligent. She hates criticisms and she cannot stand rejection.

Cancer woman is generally a good cook. She might be having the best qualities of a woman in her but she will remain modest.

As a lover she will never make the first move. She expects it from her partner. But once you have won her heart she is all yours for lifetime.

As a wife donít make a mistake of considering her weak, who is totally dependent and needs help. When there is a problem facing her loved ones she will with utmost strength and confidence stand by them. She can make any sacrifices for the happiness of her loved ones.

As a mother she is warm, friendly and understanding who will support her kids. The kids will always be pampered and well guarded by her.

In short, Cancer woman is loyal, sensitive, patient and a caring partner.

Cancer Man

Cancer man can be described as gentle, sensitive, understanding and a patient human being. He will generally not be a very talkative person. He at times could be a little pessimistic. He is extremely sensible and a practical man. He will love his money as it brings security to him.

He is a very romantic and a considerate lover. He can be flirtatious but usually he is a loyal man. He will take time before proposing a marriage as he will be selective and may have his own expectations. Cancer man generally prefers to marry an old fashioned girl.

They have great love for their home, their mothers, their childhood memories, their family and they will always be proud of it.

As a husband he will be considerate, romantic and a loyal man. He will love his home and his family dearly but he will need that assurance from his partner very often.

As a father, he will be warm, friendly, caring and extremely patient.

Cancer Child

As a child they are very affectionate who wants to remain close to their parents. They need a stable protective environment and constant reassurance of parental love. They need a great deal of encouragement.

Cancer Boss

At work he is a serious and hard working man. Humor will be used sparingly on job. He is interested just in making money. He has got a great memory. He knows well how to respect and reward his employees. One learns best with a Cancerian boss. If you show hard work and honesty in your work the cancer boss will always support you.

Cancerian females as well make good executives.

Cancer Employee

Itís always nice to have a Cancerian as an employee as he is hard working, sincere, dependable and loves taking responsibility. But he is doing all this for money and a higher position in the company. If he is a sales person he doesnít mind travelling but till he is single.

Cancer Friend

They make loyal friends. They will listen to you, empathize you and will stand by you when you are in need. But one thing is sure they are very secretive and there are certain things that they will not confide even to their best of friends.

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